Misty Meadows was established 6 years ago on the core values of companionship, trust, mutual respect and a respect for the environment. Each of these values are exhibited daily by all staff members and incorporated in events and activities hosted at Misty Meadows.


Misty Meadows is an equestrian estate situated just outside Pretoria, which offers three main services in a tranquil, country environment. The estate is perfectly equipped for conferences and workshops, weddings and a variety of equestrian events and services. 

SANESA Q 4 Stable Bookings List

/files/Copy of SANESA Stable Booking Q4 13-14 June 2015 Upload.xls Click on the above link for the Stable Booking List SANESA Q4

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August Friesian Show 2015

Stable Booking Form SANESA Q4


The equestrian centre operates as an equestrian club and is registered with and affiliated to The South African Equestrian Federation (SAEF). The estate offers equestrian livery and lessons, spacious stables and a tranquil environment to enjoy riding and advancing your skill set. The estate is a well-known stable yard and show-holding venue.