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Welcome to Misty Meadows

On behalf of Misty Meadows & All Staff,




We want to thank the Executive Committee members, parents who assisted and supported Misty Meadows over the past few years and especially the last year with major events tackled as a team and delivered in new record numbers:




You are a special “breed of horsie people” and we love you….


It has been a truly exiting engagement and one which have introduced many challenges which we had to overcome in joint partnership to improve the quality and facilities of the sport across all dimensions – we share the objective and vision of SANESA not to just accommodate the BEST riders but enabling ALL riders to deliver their BEST.


We have injected a lot of sweat, prayers, money and resources to try and improve each experience since our initial approval and engagement with SANESA from 2010.  As small as an inspirational note on our gates or in the form of a free programme at our gates….. to more arena’s than ever before… as the entries grew we found space and added top of class facilities for all participants.


After each event we grabbed hands and made a “snag list” or “wish list” on how we could improve the experience even more.  Nowhere did we put the investment first or our personal priorities because we believed that we could make a difference.  As many people told us we would fail, we grow stronger as a venue or entity – MISTY MEADOWS.  For us – it was a dream we had, which we built on, and with any new event added became more of a reality.  We made a lot of friends and met a lot of special people…. Misty almost became “horsie peoples property”…


During the unexpected challenge we encountered on day 1 of Nationals we truly realized how a community and team of people can grab hands and deal with a crisis.  Our Misty Meadows team extended to every horse, rider and spectator at the event.  We saw people assisting and understanding the problem and dealing with it as a team !.  This opened a new light for us at Misty Meadows which fuelled the “fire” in us to try and do even more for this special group of people within the Equestrian World.


The staff and owner contribution is the only thing we can offer and that is what we have attempted to deliver – not cutting any corners.


Special thanks for this opportunity and journey we could share as we close this chapter in our 2014 equestrian year.


As SANESA grow from strength to strength, we want to wish the entire team and management all the best for the future.  Stay the positive and strong organisation you are.


Cheers from a very proud and “still tired” Misty Meadows team !.


Adriaan & Rika van Vuuren and the entire Misty Meadows Dream Team

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